Performance Boost

Depending on your current IT strategy, Happy Computer can offer Windows services. We have proven methodology that we follow.

Readiness Assessment: Before performing an upgrade, it’s important to first determine your company’s level of readiness to migrate. During our onsite Readiness Assessment, we uncover what your environment look likes today, and the possible challenges of moving. We provide detailed reports on your endpoints, hardware, software, BIOS, and warranty information..

Preparation / Application Transformation: During this process, we ensure application compatibility with the newest version of Windows. Happy Computer analyzes your Windows and web-based applications to determine whether they will run successfully.  We then work with you to re-mediate any applications that might fail to run in an updated environment.

Image Build and Design Services:  Happy Computer will design and test your image making it ready for deployment.

Proof of Concept: After we thoroughly discover, assets, prepare and build out your image, we then perform Proof of Concept in your environment to ensure that all applications are running properly, and that all hardware is fully supportive and operational.

Deployment: Happy Computer has proven experience in moving clients to the platform and adding value for Endpoint Management in the entire life cycle of endpoints beyond the migration (Client / Server / Mac / UNIX / Windows / Linux).

Training: We have a comprehensive training platform that includes training videos, including ‘What’s New’, ‘Foundations’, ‘Power Users’, ‘Administration’, and more.